You gotta put this one on your race calendar. The Spring Classic Sprint Triathlon Summer Edition 2 is a race that triathletes come back to year after year. Normally held early in the season before the lake water warms up, we decided to give up on fighting the weather in hopes of attracting more athletes who aren't looking at the weather report and the race registration deadline on a split screen. Our first choice in June was taken, but for 2022, we're looking to move this race to a permanent home in Late June. For now, it'll be an late summer event.


While COVID had curtailed some of the usual amenities last year, we're not ruling anything out for 2021. In general, this is a great race for beginner triathletes who might be nervous about the open water idea. The race is well organized, supported and sure to become one of your go to races season after season. 

Take a few moments to click through the site. You'll find course maps, a course review video, results from prior years as well as a link for free online registration. Thanks for visiting. Click the "contact us" link if you have specific questions or need more details. We hope to see you this Aug!