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COVID-19 Protocol

In order to host this race, there are several precautionary measures we need to implement according to our local health department and government mandates. Please read and understand how this might affect your decision to participate. We expect your full cooperation and appreciate your understanding and patience. Having said that, our goal is also to make the race feel as normal as possible

  • Social distancing rules will apply. We expect your interaction with other athletes to be 6 feet apart unless you're with family members or others living in the same household. Steps will be taken to minimize contact through the registration process and other stages throughout the event. All gathering spaces will be outside in the grass other than restrooms. Traditional locker rooms will not be available, but individual changing rooms and restrooms will be available.

  • Our pre-race meeting will be in the form of a video you will be asked to watch prior to the event. A link will be emailed to registered athletes.

  • Bike racks in transition will be assigned based on your heat. You will not be at liberty to choose your favorite transition starting point. Transition set up times will be scheduled and posted by 8 pm, July 31.

  • Swim heats will include only one swimmer per lane instead of two. This may sound like a bonus, but it will increase the duration of the event. Proceeding heats will be staged at the opposite end of the pool to minimize contact. You may enter the water for warm ups at the opposite end of the pool once the swimmer in the previous heat is finished. All starts will be at the end of the pool nearest the pool exit door/gate.

  • Volunteers unable to maintain constant social distancing requirements will be wearing masks.

  • Don't encourage spectators. We know this really stinks, but we have to minimize the crowds as much as possible.

  • Water will be available on the 5K run course in small bottles that you'll  need to grab off a table yourself instead of being handed a cup by volunteers. Do not discard caps or bottles indiscriminately along the course. We'll have several trash receptacles along the way to toss them in, or hang on to it 'til you cross the finish line.

  • There will be no traditional award ceremony. When you're done, just head on home. We're working on a plan to put together a post race award video you can share with your friends and family.

  • No post race food. We're going to put as many goodies as practical in your race packet to enjoy post race. (No, we're not sticking pizza in there)


Stay tuned to this page for additional updates. 

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