The  Details

Here's a rundown of some imprortant things to know before and after you register. In no particular order.

  • This year's race will be held Sunday, May 10 with the first heat and duathlon starting at 7:30 AM. Pre-race meeting held 7 AM. That's also when the transition area closes.

  • Helmet are required for the bike portion of the event. You can use a helmet for other portions as well but you'll look funny.

  • We won't be announcing your heat. You'll have to pay attention to the running clock and be ready to go when it's your time.

  • Sign up deadline is Friday, May 8 by 5 pm. Heats will be posted on this site by 8 PM.

  • Be as accurate as possible when submitting your swim time prediction.We normally leave about 2 min between heats, so if you happen to be a little slower on race day, you should have enough cushion. Don't submit a really slow time hoping to get a heat in the indoor pool. Doing this often results in an empty pool while we wait for the next heat. That just wastes everyone's time. It's kind of rude.

  • So where exactly is this race held? Here's a link to help find us. YMCA.

  • Weather can, and has been, a factor over the years. Plan accordingly. There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. While safety is our primary concern, being dry and comfortable not so much. This is a no weanie event. You're an athlete.​ You might just have to deal with it.


  • Event is chip timed with disposable chip. No need to return it at the finish, but you do need to wear it through each stage in order to be counted and timed.

Contact us:

Phone: 330-480-5650

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